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Street and Driveway Protection and Dumpster rental companies

02b53105-1One of the most challenging things about the removal process is determining the best way to dispose of things. This can be answered readily by the purpose it will be serving for you. If it’s a construction site, there are fewer issues to sort through, for obvious reasons. If you are planning to do some renovations or a big clean-out, the volume and the weight of the materials will determine the size or any container you choose.

If you have already determined that you will need more than the usual ‘big trash’ or junk removal service, the next thing on the list is to take precautions in order to avoid any property damage to the driveway or any other path to the location that is most practical for you. Asking your builder, Realtor, homeowners association, or from family and friends can help to winnow down the choices as to which of the dumpster rental options in your area to choose from. A good search on the internet will yield at least two or three; and you can take a look at their websites to see what sizes they offer – which are actually measured in terms of cubic yards, relating to each load an average pick-up truck can take, so you can use this as a way to estimate what size you will need. Contacting a few dealers to ask for a cost-estimate on the rental and to discuss your particular project is the next step; and getting in touch with one who services your local area may be less expensive than a service advertised nationally.02e29454-1

The other very important consideration, as mentioned earlier, is the need to protect your property, both in the delivery and removal of the dumpster; and any effect there could be from its remaining on-site for a prolonged period of time. The best of the dealers will offer some sort of driveway protection. Depending on the needs you may have, such as pavers of some other challenge, it’s extremely important to avoid damage in any way from any untoward effect from the rental of the dumpster.

There are more challenges with pavers and having a conversation with your prospective dealer about these details should give you some idea about how much experience they may have had with the conditions your particular site requires. Depending on the size of the dumpster, the placement of 2’x10′ plywood (which is available up to 10′ wide) or a double layer of oriented strand board (OSB) (available up to 16′ wide) can be placed on the location where the dumpster is to be set down. You might ask the dealer, also, about what precautions can be taken to avoid any damage from rust-staining, if necessary.